50 Home Remedies to get Fair and Glowing Wrinkle Free Skin

Wrinkles and signs of ageing are a problem that many middle
aged ladies face. You could treat them using a few simple home
remedies and get younger looking skin very easily. Wrinkles can
appears on any part of the body which are extensively exposed
to sunlight starting from neck, face, hands, forearms, etc. But
its important for anyone to understand

What are the Primary causes for Wrinkles on the

pollution causes wrinkles skin

1) Pollution

2) Genetic factors

3) Too much exposure of body to UV(ultra violet) sunlight

4) Deficiency of Vitamin D3

5) Usage of excessive cosmetics on the skin

6) Smoking

Treating wrinkles is very easy if you can follow some daily
routine changes and follow any of these 50 simple home remedies
provides by us.

Treatment for Wrinkles on Skin and

wrinkles skin home remedies

1) Mix ghee, yoghurt, milk, and honey and apply the pack on
your face.

2) Massage your skin with a mixture of honey, olive oil and
glycerin to treat sagged skin and wrinkles.

3) Mix lemon juice, almond powder and honey and massage your
face to get younger looking skin.

4) Peel an apple and take its core to mash and apply on your
face. After some time, wash with warm water. Try this thrice a

5) Use olive oil to massage your face and neck. It makes your
skin lighter and treats wrinkles.

6) Use castor oil to apply on your face, forehead, and areas
under your eyes. It delays ageing and controls wrinkles.

7) Mix almond oil with honey for making your skin healthy, fair
and wrinkle free.

8) Mix lemon juice with milk cream and apply on your face to
get rid of wrinkles.

9) Mix coconut oil and castor oil and apply on your face to
delay ageing and control wrinkles.

10) Take the core of a pineapple and apply on your face. Wash
it off after 15 minutes to prevent wrinkles.

11) Mix a beaten egg, 2 spoons of flour, and a spoon of milk
powder. Apply this on your face to make your skin tighter, and
treat wrinkles.

12) Mix egg white and honey and apply on your face to cure

13) Make a paste with turmeric and sugarcane juice and apply on
your face. Do it to treat wrinkles and make your skin tighter
and younger.

14) Ageing is controlled and fine lines are removed if you eat
apples every day.

15) Drinking carrot juice daily controls wrinkles and all signs
of ageing within 2 weeks.

16) Take the juice of a cucumber and apply on your face, eyes,
lips and forehead to treat dark circles and wrinkles.

17) Take 2 spoons of yoghurt and mix half a spoon of honey, and
3 Vitamin E capsules to apply on your face with cotton. Wash it
off after 10 minutes for for wrinkle free and younger looking

18) Take some egg white and apply on your skin. Wash off after
30 minutes for wrinkle free skin. Make sure you do not talk or
laugh after putting on the pack.

19) Take a slice of lemon and apply to get rid of age spots and
wrinkles, lighten your skin tone and delay ageing.

20) Ripe papaya helps treat wrinkles and brighten your skin.
You just need to massage your face and neck with it.

21) Boil half a cup of rosemary leaves in 2 liters of water for
half an hour. Add half a cup of brandy and let them mix well
for 15 minutes. After straining and refrigerating, use it to
apply on your face and treat wrinkles.

22) Using sunglasses helps avoid crow’s feet around your eyes
and prevent ageing.

23) Sleeping on your belly causes premature ageing. Avoid it.

24) Use coconut oil to massage your face and prevent wrinkles.
It also treats scars and lightens your skin.

25) Mix olive oil and 2 spoons of flour to apply on your face.
After half an hour, wash off using rose water.

26) Take raw papaya and banana and make a puree to treat
wrinkles for men.

27) Mixing onion with honey is an effective remedy.

28) Mix milk cream, olive oil, and honey and make a face pack
to get rid of all signs of ageing.

29) Soak some almonds in milk overnight and make a paste with
them to apply on your face. It treats dark circles and

30) Take a slice of avocado, a few spoons of cream, flaxseeds
and a teaspoon of honey to make a skin nourishing cream after
blending well.

31) Eating avocado daily slows down ageing as it contains
vitamins and fats.

32) Mix crushed ginger and honey and consume every morning to
delay ageing.

33) Mix honey and milk and apply on your face to get rid of
fine lines, and make your skin glowing and soft.

34) Mix a spoon of olive oil, 2 spoons of vodka, and half a
teaspoon of honey and boil well. After refrigerating, apply on
your face with cotton balls and use warm water to wash off.

35) Sunlight can cause premature ageing, so limit sunlight and
use a sunscreen when you step out.

36) Crush some Thompson seeds grapes and apply on your face.
Use warm water to wash it off to retain youth.

37) Take a quarter cup of witch hazel, half a cup of comfrey
infusion, and 10 drops of patchouli essential oil and mix well.
Use a cotton ball to apply on your face.

38) Mix a spoon of orange juice, an egg yolk a spoon of olive
oil, and spoons of oatmeal powder to use as a face scrub.

39) Take some onions and grind well to apply on your ace. It
cures wrinkles.

40) Massage your face with some milk cream. It increases blood
circulation and relaxes your facial muscles. Wrinkles are cured
and your face becomes soft.

41) Use almond oil to massage your face and treat your skin
problems and all signs of ageing.

42) Apply cucumber on your face.

43) Mix lemon juice and amla and apply on your face.

44) There are a number of facial exercises that prevent ageing,
like the E and O position, relaxing facial muscles by moving
your lips and make a face like when you are chewing gum.

45) Grind some edamame and make a mask. It cures wrinkles

46) Take a green pineapple and use the juice to reduce fine
lines and cure cracked skin.

47)Wipe off all sweat from your face. When sweat stays, your
skin gets dehydrated and the glow is reduced.

48) Use neem and turmeric to wash your face to remain youthful
for long.

49) Every morning, fill water in your mouth and wash your eyes
and face. It treats wrinkles.

50) Apply mashed ripe banana on your face.

Try out these cures to regain youthful skin that is glowing and
clear. Have you any other home remedy which worked great on
your skin. Do let us know. We love hearing tips from everyone
and anyone as long as they are worth giving a try 🙂

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