“Death Buy Lemonade” by Kyu-Bum Lee

A Brief Animation Biography
Bobby’s art career started at the age of two with a box of
crayons and his family’s white living room walls. He got his
first professional art job at the age of seventeen, designing
Disney, Warner Bros., and Star Wars toys. Bobby has since won a
number of awards for his independent work and is featured
perennially in various juried art annuals and magazines. He
presently works in concept and character design, teaches digital
painting online at Schoolism.com, publishes art books,
and works on other top secret projects that he’s not allowed to
talk about.

NOTE: Bobby Chiu is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to
lower Schoolism subscription fees.  Click
here to read the Canadian Animation interview with Bobby about
that campaign

The campaign has raised $465,021 as of this date, and has 6
days to go. If the campaign reaches it’s stretch goal of
$500,000 – Schoolism Fees will be lowered to $12 US Dollars per
Check out the Kickstarter campaign …

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