Artist – Samantha Youssef

Brief Animation Biography

Samantha Youssef is a feature film character animator and
visual development artist.  She is the founder of Studio
Technique, an artistic training studio specialized in the
training and artistic development of animation industry
artists.  Samantha is a former animator for Walt Disney
Animation, and has directed for Ubisoft cinematics. She is an
award winner at the Toronto International Film Festival for her
animated short film “La Fuga Grande”.

Samantha Youssef

What part of Canada are you from

Westmount, Quebec

What inspired you to create

I always loved hand drawn animation for as
long as I can remember.   My parents said that when I was
little, before I was three, I would watch Disney films and ask
them to pause the screen so that I could redraw the

Sun Wukong Concept

How would you describe your animation

My drawings are loose and gestural but I also
aim for clarity. I tend to work very rough but doing feature 2D
work, you need to eventually tie down the drawings with a level
of control so that the character doesn’t lose
credibility.  I also love beautiful movement, I like fluid
animation with textured timing, so I aim for that as well in my
work.  I try not to compromise character performance for
aesthetic of movement, but I do my best to achieve

Pele Concept

Can you share a piece of art work or script
segment that no one has seen before?

Here is a 2D clip from Steamboat Willie Redux
for Disney which was screened at D23 in 2013! This is the first
time I’ve shared my scene online, and I’m happy to share it
here. 🙂

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