Artist – Pierre M. Trudeau

Pierre M. Trudeau
studied film animation at Concordia University in Montreal. He
founded an independent company, Cine-Clic, to produce public
interest advertising and has since directed some 15 animated
shorts, including Last Call Blues (1985) and Buston Keater
(1986). Winning the 1986-1987 Cinéaste recherché(e) competition
gave him the opportunity to make his first film at the NFB. Kid
Stuff (1990), a shattering look at domestic violence, revealed
Trudeau’s singular style and his talent for designing 3D
puppets from construction paper. He went on to make two films
in the Rights from the Heart collection for children, 1, 2, 3,
Coco (1991) and Baroque’n Roll (1994), both using puppet
animation. His films featuring a clockwork cuckoo, Cuckoo, Mr.
Edgar! (1999) and Operation Cuckoo (2002), are two charming and
amusing children’s tales about the joys of fatherly love, made
by computer animation. After a step in France on the short film
Ruzz & Ben (Philippe Julien, 2004), Pierre M. Trudeau
produced and directed Garbage Angels (2008), Triptych: Tripes,
Entrails, Visceras (2012), and Raised to be Hero (2013).
Pierre’s latest film is A Taste Of Freedom – Free Jafar Pahani
(2014), which he co-directed with Elene Dallaire.

What part of Canada are you from Pierre? 

Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, living in Lawrenceville, Quebec.

What inspires you to create animation? 

Sometimes music, but often it’s an image, an ambiance, or a
scene that has strong potential.  Those feelings and
images often show up in the early stages of a work, and they
will stay with me until the end –  even if the final look
of the film has been significantly modified or transformed by
the time the final film is complete.

Still from “Triptych”

Still from “Raised to be a Hero”

How would you describe your artistic style? 

Eclectic… I love animation, every style and technique, every
type of story (narrative, non-narrative, abstract) and I want
to explore all of them. I would also say that almost all of my
work explores social interaction.

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