Artist – Nathan Affolter

Who is one of your favourite Canadian animators?
must take the cake, and why goes without saying,
though I feel Canada can’t lay full claim since he did so much
of his work in London. I’ve always loved John K‘s
work for it’s comedy and wackiness. For “Ren and Stimpy” credit
is also due to the contribution of two other Canadian
animators, Bob
and Kelly Armstrong (of
Carbunkle Cartoons Inc.), who gave them their eye-popping
animation style, which pushed the hilarity through the roof.

What is one of your favourite animation books?
I will probably never stop reading and drawing inspiration from
“Walt Stanchfield’s – Drawn to Life,” edited by the Don Hahn. I will
forever be in debt to those two great gentlemen, for supplying
me with all those pearls of wisdom. It’s just page after page
of mind-opening insight on drawing, observing, and
story-telling. This book not only covers the “how” of drawing,
but the “why,” which is even more important.


Who is an up-and-coming or relatively unknown Canadian
animator that everyone should check out?

I don’t know if he counts as “relatively unknown,” but a friend
of mine, Mike Geiger will probably be running his own show one
day. His stuff is fresh, funny, charming, and always
entertaining! I had the pleasure of meeting him while we were
both students at VFS, and later we both worked at Carbunkle
Cartoons. He’s got some of his wacky endeavours on his website:

Are you involved with any animation organizations in


Have your films won any animation awards/accolades?
For Affolter Entertainment’s stop-motion Big Rock beer

Big Rock Eddies Edmonton – WINNER: Best Commercial- 2008 

Big Rock Eddies Calgary – WINNER: Third Place- 2008

For Affolter Entertainment’s live-action fantastical drama
‘Plant Girl’

International Film Festival of South Africa – WINNER: Best
Young Filmmaker Int’l – 2010

The Film Festival of Colorado – WINNER (tie): Audience Award
for Best Short Film- 2010

Heart of England Film Festival – WINNER: Best Short Film-

Indie Film Gathering – WINNER: Best Short Drama – 2010 

Leo Awards – Nominee: Best Short Drama- 2010

Leo Awards – Nominee: Best Direction (Short Drama)- 2010

What are some of your animation milestones?
Well.. getting a job animating was pretty big! When I graduated
in 2001, there wasn’t a lot of work in town. Even some of my
teachers had a tough time and it was hard to tell if classical
animation would even stick around. Luckily, thanks to digital
software speeding up the process, and the demand for it in
film/tv/web/ads etc. the industry is bigger then ever.

But besides that, no milestone will ever top getting to animate
and direct my own creations with my brothers at Affolter
. Even if it’s not a big successful film and
just my own little cartoon it always gets me excited to work on
it every day. Awards, acceptance to festivals, likes online,
will never give me as much satisfaction as just producing and
completing something I create and find entertaining. And that’s
why I’ll never stop.

To see more work from Nathan, check out these links:


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