Artist – Jessika von Innerebner

Jess loves illustrating stories that help make the world a
better place!  Fun, movement, bright colors, and
laughter are a huge part of her everyday life.

She started her career at 17 and is self-taught. Illustration
is a big passion and Jess is always discovering and learning
new ways to create.

“Animal tales – a personal illustration for

Over the years she has worked with several studios
including Disney, Pixar and Fisher Price. Her favorite space to
create is in storybooks using fun illustrations to carry the
imagination and inspire people.

Jess lives just outside of Vancouver, Canada and in spare
moments can be found on her yoga mat, long-boarding,
traveling to distant lands, and laughing with friends.

Jessika von Innerebner

What part of Canada are you from Jessika?
Kelowna, BC, Canada

“Out in the Wild”
A personal series where I’d take photos out in the wild
and illustrate characters into the scene. A great way
to get outside!

What inspired you to start drawing?
My mom taught us kids to be creative at such a young age, I
carried that with me always. That and reading Garfield, why
does he hate Mondays so much? I figured if I could draw him
just right I’d find out why.

An illustration of me as a kid drawing

How would you describe your artistic style?
Hmmmm…expressive painted kids illustration. Everyone has such a
unique style and way of creating it can be hard to put styles
into one box.

Alice – one fairytale in a series of 31 I
illustrated for the month of October.”
“Bear Bath – an illustration only using
words starting with ‘B’. Working with limitations can
bring the neatest results.”

“Skate Friends – one of a few pieces
created to bring awareness to what the organization
Skateistan is doing. They’re amazing check em out here:

Can you share a piece of art work or script segment that no
one has seen before?

Sure! This is one of three pieces going in a local gallery show
this month.


Have you ever been involved in an animation project?
Why yes, I’ve been involved mostly with animation for web with
Disney Online Studios Canada and Atomic Cartoons. I worked
with a project based team, from animatic to final in Flash. My
experience ranges from storyboards, character design, creating
comps of characters to animation. It was a wonderful experience
but I’ve found my heart is in illustration.

What is one project that you are proud to have been
involved in?

One project that stands out and I was able to create from the
ground up was with a start up company called Mathtoons. We were creating
engaging apps to teach really tough math concepts, it was fun
and I was actually learning math! Plus, it felt good to
create something that was helping people.

What project are you working on now?
As of now I’m working on a brand new project illustrating
inspiring stories with non-profit organizations. I’m super
pumped and love illustrating amazing, life changing stories
that will inspire others.

“Sharing – a piece from a story pitch
created to work with non-profit

Who is one of your favourite Canadian

Cale Atkinson, Alexia Tryfon, Genevieve FT,
Kim Smith
to name a few, I follow so many AMAZING artists
from all over the world. Every time I open twitter or instagram
I’m blown away at the imagination of others!

What is one of your favourite art books? 
As a kid, I loved “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and
“Where the Wilds Things Are”. As an adult, I have to add
“Wild” by Emily Hughes, the story and illustrations are just

Who is an up-and-coming Canadian artist that
everyone should check out?

Yes, my husband Cale Atkinson. He has written and illustrated
a beautiful book coming out this May called “To The Sea”! He
has such a wonderful imagination and is so creative with his
delivery through story and illustration.
here to check out Cale’s Atkinson “Artist of the
Day” profile

Cale’s Website

Are you involved with any art organizations in

I’ve started a local drawing group called Art Brew, it’s a
wonderful community and has now been passed on to other
hosts. Two years later and it’s still going!

In addition, I work with the Kelowna Art Gallery to
host a yearly gallery show around fun topics. In the past
we’ve covered Retro Video games and Saturday Morning
Cartoons. This year, the show opens in a few weeks with the
Super Hero/Super Villain theme.

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Main Website:

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