Artist – Jesi the Elder

Jesi The Elder is a self-taught animator experimenting frame
by frame since 2005. Her work is full of chimeric landforms,
melting bodies, radical womanhood, sentient objects, and
disarming ruptures of time and space.

Jesi the Elder – With the over 3500 frames for
“Beneath the Air”

Inspired by her nomadic lifestyle, Jesi the Elder’s animated
short films and music videos are a fever-dream travelogue.
Her animations are diaries of her most traversed landscape:
that of her own vivid imagination.

What part of Canada are you from Jesi?

Toronto, Ontario.

What role do you play in the creation of animation?

Director/Animator/Editor/Sound FX.
“Hand painting 3500 frames for ‘Beneath the Air'”
“Barfy Yellow Cartoon Frames”

“Barfy Yellow Cartoon in 3D Form”

What inspired you to create animation?

Animation is the most affordable way to materialize my

“Barfy Yellow Frames”

I also like to walk to my every destination, feeling each and
every step, touching every single frame.

At the end it satisfies me in a maternal sort of way,
watching something take gravity and come to life.

What project are you working on now?

I’ve been creating an animated diary entitled “Blossom” for
the past couple years.

I draw a few frames every day, but sometimes I’ve animated
sequences that months later I realize were premonitions.

Who is one of your favourite Canadian animators?

is an incredible animator whose work taught me
that I don’t need to work with conventional narrative. That
you can tell a whole story through the weight of a drawing or
explain a relationship by how an object shifts into the

Who is an up-and-coming Canadian animator that everyone
should check out?

I feel very confident about my little cousin Falo, check her

Are you involved with any animation
organizations in Canada?

To see more work from Jesi the Elder, check out her

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