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Independent Animator, Jeff Tran, has produced several award
winning animated films since 2007. His 2012 film “Traces of Joy”,
which chronicles the loss felt by two Inner City children, won
the Audience Prize for Best Animated Film at the 2013 Toronto
Animated Image Society Showcase. His 2007 film Dundas n’
Bathurst, a surrealistic, animated portrait of a Toronto
intersection, won both 1st Place and Viewers Choice Prizes at the
2007 Toronto Urban Film Festival. Born in Midland Ontario, Jeff
initially studied programming at the behest of his Vietnamese
parents, but gradually his passion for art and filmmaking won
out. Jeff graduated from Computer Animation at Sheridan College
and also obtained a BFA from University of Waterloo. He has
worked in the Animation Industry since 2007. Currently, Jeff is
working at the Toronto animation studio, ToonBox Entertainment. His work
explores multiculturalism and satire through various mediums.

What part of Canada are you from Jeff?

Born in Midland Ontario, but grew up on the hard streets of

What inspired you to create animation?

Superhero Comics were a big inspiration, as was Dragon Ball

But, a key moment would be around 2003 while I was
perusing a bargain bin at Urban Outfitters and found this gem:
“Director’s Label DVD featuring Michel Gondry”. His crafty
creativity and insights on dreams blew me away. Even the
DVD menu itself was artfully crafted.

What project are you working on now?

Funny you should ask! I recently pitched a short film “Life
Hacks for Long Distance Dads” with fellow filmmaker Keith Lock
at the Innoversity
Summit Pitch Competition
.  We thought we could combine
his experience with live action with my background in computer
animation into a fun story.

Keith Lock and Jeff Tran pitching “Life hacks” at
Innoversity Summit 2014

This is my second time pitching before an audience and
it never gets easier!  It was an honour to be a
finalist and I was happy with how our pitch went.
 Aside from that, Keith and I are also writing a feature
film script together.

Who is one of your favourite Canadian animators?

Craig Marshall, his work is confident, comedic and eerie.
Every time I look at his crazy sketchbooks it’s pure creepy
comedy gold.  He needs to have a show of just his
sketchbooks on podiums.

See his links:

Craig Marshall’s Blog

What is one of your favourite animation books? 
“Starting Point: 1979-1996” by Hayao Miyazaki. There are
Insightful interviews on his thoughts about his process, why he
does animation, and early stories of his career and the journey
up to 1996.  

Ooo… i just realized there’s a follow up..
niceee… i’ll check it out myself, lol.

Who is an up-and-coming or relatively unknown Canadian
animator that everyone should check out?

The passionate Patrick
. He does wonderful animated films on glass.

Big fan of his film noir detective film : ‘the Labyrinth’.

Are you involved with any animation organizations in

I’m a member of the Toronto
Animated Image Society (TAIS)
. I was a board member until
2013. The people involved with TAIS provide a supportive
community for all types of animators, especially independent
animators. TAIS does this by providing workshops on a wide
variety of animation techniques (like stop motion animation
workshops), hosting animation events (such as special
screenings), as well as organizing group shows that pay the
participating animators an artist’s fee for each screening of
the show. 


Have your films won any animation awards/accolades?

What are some of your animation milestones?

Having my first film screened for the first time at
the Toronto Reel Asian
Film Festival
 was a great opportunity. They really
make the filmmakers feel welcome.

Going to the NFB in Montreal for post
production was a great experience.  It was a real treat
to be at the studio where a lot of historic Canadian
animation originated.

I’d say just finishing one of your own films is a great
achievement. Then on to the next one.

“Dundas n’ Bathurst”

“Traces of Joy”

Have you written any books or blog posts about Animation or
Canadian Animation? 


Do you have HTML Links to other posts on the internet where
you were interviewed about your work in animation?

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