Artist – Bobby Chiu

A Brief Animation Biography
Bobby’s art career started at the age of two with a box of
crayons and his family’s white living room walls. He got his
first professional art job at the age of seventeen, designing
Disney, Warner Bros., and Star Wars toys. Bobby has since won a
number of awards for his independent work and is featured
perennially in various juried art annuals and magazines. He
presently works in concept and character design, teaches
digital painting online at, publishes art books,
and works on other top secret projects that he’s not allowed to
talk about.

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What part of Canada are you from Bobby? 

What inspired you to work in animation?
My first job as an artist was to design toys for movies such
as Star Wars, Disney, Pixar. The company was called Thinkway Toys.

How would you describe your artistic style?
I tend to draw whimsical, fantastical themes. Most of the
time involving creatures.

Making Friends
Walk this Way

Can you share a piece of art work that no one has seen

Don’t really have anything that I haven’t shown before. The
only things I have like that, I can’t show yet.

What role do you play in the creation of

Character design and concept art.

“Imposter” – Made for Hello Kitty Gallery Show

What is one project that you are proud to have been
involved in?

I was 1 of 3 character designers for Tim Burton’s Alice in

Tweedles from Alice in Wonderland
Jub Jub from Aline in Wonderland

What projects are you working on now? 
I can’t say what I’m working on now, but I was 1 of 3
character designers on the Alice in Wonderland
sequel; Alice through the
Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

Who is one of your favourite Canadian animators?
Robert Valley. I love
how everything he does just seems to be so cool.

Selection of Robert Valley’s Artwork

What is one of your favourite art books?
Terryl Whitlatch. Animals Real and Imagined.

Who is an up-and-coming or relatively unknown Canadian
animator that everyone should check out?

Shaz Lym

Are you involved with any animation organizations in


What are some of your animation milestones?

What’s one thing that has influenced your career as an

I’m very passionate about teaching art. I started teaching on
the subways of Toronto
for free and now I’m an instructor

Are there other interviews online about your work in

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Promoting Alice in Wonderland during our gallery show:

2008 SiDEBAR Interview:

It’s Art Interview:

To keep up on what Bobby is doing, check out these

Chiu – YouTube

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Bobby Chiu –

Bobby Chiu –

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